Best Solar Panels

Best For Your Home

Join the solar panel revolution! Expensive solar panel systems are now a thing of the past. Don’t be fooled into spending thousands of your hard earned dollars on a system when you can buy a kit set or build your own solar panels for mere hundreds of dollars.

The best solar panels for your home will always be the most cost effective option. The main reason for the rise in cheap solar panels is because domestic solar panels are now being sold direct to the public. Formerly, the manufacturers only sold their best solar panels through licensed installers. The franchisee’s had the market cornered and could basically charge whatever they wanted, hence the exorbitant rip-off prices people have been paying.

Now, that Chinese models are entering the market the U.S. manufacturers are now forced to get in line. This has caused an influx of cheap solar panels which benefits everyone as any rise in domestic solar power brings the U.S. one step closer to a sustainable energy supply.

Best For The Money

Here’s some news for you, the most efficient solar panels are generally not the best solar panels to get because these high specification efficiency panels are without a doubt the most expensive.  However, they’re not at all the most reliable or the most cost effective.

In terms of gross efficiency, the best you’ll get is around 40% at best. Most of the panels in the market are around 20-25% efficient, which gives the best value for money in terms of solar panel cost.

The only time when you should consider purchasing the top end efficiency solar roof panels is if you have a limited space such as on an inner city apartment. However, be careful to secure your panels as the rate of solar panel thefts are rising due to a high demand in the second hand market.


Our website contains lists of approved and recommended DIY guides which show you exactly how to build solar panels yourself using either a kit set or individually purchased parts. As for the solar panels themselves, you can now find them on regular shopping sites like Amazon, eBay and lots of other new websites which are starting up daily to try and grab a piece of the pie.

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Most of these sites are getting the same panels from China, so you’ won’t see too much of a price difference between the different sites. Some things to look out for are shipping costs and warranties, these websites tend to offer a range of terms and are constantly changing an updating so it’s best to take notes as you browse around.


Some of you may be thinking how exactly are you going to make a solar panel system and then install all the wiring and electrical components correctly? Well, the good news is that you don’t really need to know how to make a solar panel because you can buy them fully assembled. You can even buy units which join together easily, enabling you to fit together a unit with the correct capacity for your needs.

As for the installation and wiring, what you’ll find nowadays is that any regular electrician can do this part for you if you feel unsure. The good thing about organising the build and install yourself is that it puts you in control of the cost. Electricians charge an hourly rate, so if you do need help you’ll know in advance exactly how much it’s going to cost you.