Free Solar Panels

A solar panel is a connected assembly of photovoltaic cells or solar cells. Depending on its construction, solar cells produce energy from different light frequencies but are not able to covert infrared, ultraviolet and diffused light.

Today, free solar panels are being distributed to households in the American and European regions. In the year 2007 alone, domestic solar panel production increased by 200%. Germany is the world’s biggest consumer of solar-generated electricity followed by Japan.

Free Solar Panels From The Government

There are developed nations who even offer rebates, tax incentives, mortgage programs and solar loan programs to encourage the use of this energy source such as United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Australia. And just like any national funded program, there are standards and qualifications that need to be met before a person is awarded with free solar panels.

It would be wise to check if there are similar programs in your state (for U.S. Citizens see link below right sidebar). For example in the UK, to be eligible for the grant, your house must be at least one year old, has enough roof space for the device (at least 30 meters), and you should have no history of receiving energy grants before. The criteria will also depend on the guidelines set by the company who will install your device.

Free Solar Panels For Home Use

The benefits of installing domestic solar panels for your home definitely outweigh its cost. Government subsidy programs in Japan, Germany, UK and the United States have increased the demand for free solar panels. The incentive being offered is also an attractive monetary return on the investment through the sale of solar-powered electricity at high feed in tariff rates.

The Feed In Tariffs Scheme or FITs is a system where household owners get paid for the electricity produced from renewable sources. The energy supplier is responsible for the payments as they are required by law to provide such payments. The tariffs available will depend on the time the technology was installed and whether the installer is certified under Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

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Free Solar Panels UK

In the UK, if you live in an area where authorities have implemented the FIT policy, then free solar panels are a reality. For a household to qualify for this scheme, it has to have solar photovoltaic panels installed.

A solar energy company then installs solar roof panels on your home and will let you use the device for free. If your energy use is higher, then savings are also bigger. The FIT is usually guaranteed for 25 years. There is little to no maintenance required for solar power as they don’t involve moving parts.

Upon signing the 25 year contact, you get to enjoy electricity generated by the system in the day. A lot of consumers have reported up to 30 percent savings on their power bill. The installers monitor and maintain the panels, keeping them against theft and vandalism.

The homeowner has to keep the panels in full term. In cases where the house is sold, the panels may be passed on to the next owner. At the end of the 25 year period, the owner gets to keep the panels but won’t get the FITs.

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